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Making a Rental Feel Like Home

Updated: May 21, 2020

For those of you who are still in the rental market, it is tough to really make your space feel like home with tenant restrictions on additions and changes you can make to your space. Painting is not normally allowed, or can be more of a hassle when you vacate and need to paint everything back to the basic builder beige. I truly feel it is important to put your stamp on wherever you reside, being a rental or purchased home, so I have come up with some ideas to add your style to your space that your landlord will approve of.

Pattern – this can be accomplished in many ways. One of my favourite ideas is using wrapping paper to line in behind book cases, wallpaper or fabric cuttings framed or stretched over a canvas to create a dramatic burst of colour and bold artwork. Wall decals are also a rental friendly option for wall décor, easily removable and with no damage to the walls this can be a great alternative solution for artwork.

Your furniture items also say a lot about you – jazz up a plain chest of drawers with bright and cheery colours and new hardware, or reupholster a bench for a functional and stylish entry way piece.

Invest in pretty bed linens, cushions and throws. This will soften the space and create a cozy retreat after a long day’s work. This will add a sense of luxury to your perhaps basic apartment.

Most rentals are lacking in storage space, but the neater and tidier your space appears the better you feel in the space and the cleaner it appears. Modular storage is a perfect way to add some function while keeping your items neat and tidy. These units are customizable in a number of ways to fit your space perfectly and for all your organizing needs. Decorative baskets and boxes will hide things you don’t want on display and also work as décor and visual interest in the space.

A lighting fixture is one of the easier things you can switch back when it’s time to leave your rental – investing in a statement light fixture to replace the basic fixture (for instance, over your dining room table) will add drama and personal style to your abode.

Don’t forget about what is underfoot; area rugs, even layered over existing carpet would be a great way to add depth, texture and colour to any room as well as to correspond with the overall scheme.

Hopefully with these suggestions and ideas this will give you some weekend projects, motivation and ideas to turn your rental into one of a kind.


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