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Why Heal Our Pets Naturally?

Pets are just like a family member for most of us. We fall in love with them, they love us back with no questions asked, we care for them, and they protect us. There is an understanding between a pet and owner that needs no explanation, so we try to look after them as best we can. Here are some natural ways we can help your beloved pets heal with crystals, Himalayan salts and just with the love of a touch (massage). Remember do not leave crystal where a pet can swallow them!

All information that is offered here is intended for educational purposes only. It is not to provide in order to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, illness or injured condition of the body or pet and the author, publisher, and contributors accept no responsibility for such use. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with their physician or veterinarian.

Clear Quartz will help with the pet’s immune systems. It also helps heighten the communication between owners and pet while training. This also works well for bird lovers!

Rose Quartz is good for injuries, wounds, and helps reduce stress. The Rose Quartz energy helps pets that have been rescued, are injured or are sick so they can be introduced into a new home to accept love and companionship without fear.

Smokey Quartz energy is good for nervous system and swelling. Its energy also helps with the grounding and clearing of negative energies in the household and can help two or more pets to get along with each other without hostility towards each other.

Himalayan Crystal Salt helps your pet with the need of salt for a healthy and happy body. With 84 minerals and trace elements, it benefits the overall growth and health of all pets and animals when used as a salt lick. When actually licking the crystallized salt, the animals heal much faster from any wounds or injury. Himalayan Salt lamps help with the removal of negative energy and replacing it with natural healing energy that helps balance and clear the pet’s energy, making the pet healthier and happier.

Why not just spend time giving your pet a gentle massage? Just like us, your pets love to be touched. Massage for pets have many benefits that include healthier immune system, better circulation, better digestive system, better skin, and just a happier, healthier pet! It is very simple to do; just rub with the tips of your fingers along the pet’s legs, going up to the heart and massaging with soft and gentle touch. Make sure you do all legs and tail, too. It is just like when a pet is being groomed and you know how much they like that.

So try some of these natural and sample healing tools for your pet today, they will love you for it!

Author: Cynthia Barnesky


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