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Family Planning?

Family planning is a time of your life full of so many emotions. It can be passionate and exciting while also being disappointing and anxiety-ridden. In our professions, we are often asked about ways to ease this experience. Here are some of the most common questions we are asked and our answers.

How do I know when I am ovulating and when am I supposed to have sex?

It is important to get to know your menstrual cycle when you are trying to conceive. There are many different apps to help you with tracking your period and predicting ovulation. It usually takes approximately 3 months of tracking to gain a better understanding of when you are ovulating. To increase your chances of conception during your most fertile window, it is best to have sex before, during and immediately after ovulation. To be extremely accurate in determining your ovulation time, ovulation test strips are the best approach. They are readily available at pharmacies and online.

Is there anything I can do to improve my fertility?

This is much easier said than done, but the biggest recommendation we have is to try to relax. Stress isn’t good for anything, but particularly not ideal when you are trying to conceive. It can cause disruptions in your cycle. For these same reasons, it is also important to try to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet full of fresh ingredients. There is also a lot of evidence about taking Vitex/Chaste Berry. It can help with regulating hormone levels during your menstrual cycle.

What type of healthcare providers can assist with fertility?

Your provider is an essential resource for making recommendations specific to your health history and circumstances. Other complimentary resources include massage therapy, acupuncture and, if needed, fertility specialists. Massage therapists with prenatal training can work with your pelvis fascia to help get these flowing nicely. It is also a great strategy for relaxation and de-stressing. Acupuncture can help with regulating your cycle, preparing your body for conception, relaxing you when you are stressed and more. Both of these services are commonly covered with benefits too, which is a huge bonus! Fertility specialists are a great resource, if needed, if you are continuing to have troubles conceiving after about approximately one year of trying.

REMEMBER - As soon as you start trying to conceive, you should be taking a prenatal vitamin. It is essential this is started at conception to decrease the risk of neural tube defects.

Good luck in your journey to parenthood. We are here for support and education every step of the way.

~ Jess & Lee

Jess and Lee are the only registered nurse and birth doula team in Alberta providing pre and postnatal support and education. Lee is a birth doula, registered massage therapist and childbirth educator. Jess is a registered nurse with additional certifications in lactation, childbirth education and basic life support.


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