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What Happens When You Worry About Everyone Else

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I get it. You’re the nurturer. The something to everyone. The person who makes it all happen.

And as a result, your well-being gets put on hold. But being the caring person you are, you refer people, plans, ideas, and advice to them on a regular basis. You know, so they can take care of THEIR health.

But what about you?

WAY too many times do I see women being the perpetual caregivers to EVERYONE, but themselves. And as honourable as this is, it comes with a cost that can become unbearable.

You may have seen a post before about the “danger zone” for women. It usually is being created in their 30s and 40s, and being manifested fully in their 50’s.

This often looks like fatigue, stress, aches, pains, brain fog, forgetfulness, hair loss, and a chronic disease label (or two).

This often surfaces as a result of someone who has constantly looked after others needs, while not properly taking care of their own (and the answer is NOT more wine.)

“I’m too busy…”, or “I need to take care of the kids first..”

Do you think that the best way to take care of your kids is being sick, run down, tired, and generally unproductive?

Let me answer for you…HELL NO.

The best way for you to be the best mother to your kids, and the best colleague at work, and best partner, is to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST.

This doesn’t mean you abandon everyone (although sometimes, it comes to that and duties need to be re-assigned). It just means you need to SHIFT priorities to YOU, BEFORE something happens that will result in you being a shadow of your former self.

Don’t think it will happen? Think again. It has, and will continue to happen, as long as women continue to to try to be something to everybody, and delay their own well-being.

I’ve had many mothers come to me, in the moment, knowing they need help. But because they quickly fall back into their old patterns, they never get the help they need.

So health problems, mostly digestive, autoimmune, and hormonal (all connected, BTW), get worse, and life gets harder, and even more complicated.

Don’t take the time NOW, and you’ll be FORCED to take the time later (and it will cost you much more time, pain, and money).

Over 95% of my THRIVERS are women, and for good reason. They typically have the biggest toxic and responsibility burdens, which eventually makes them surrender to taking care of themselves (because the pain has become too much, and they need to do something).

Plus, guys are generally WAY behind in their ability to recognize health problems, and ADMIT to them, let alone get help.

So are you going to continue on this train that ends in the same way for every woman (breakdown of body, mind, and spirit), OR are you going to get REAL help, start to take care of yourself, with someone in your corner (for a change) who has already done it?

If you are going to get the help you need, consider the THRIVE Lifestyle Academy, which has the lifestyle plan, protocols, expertise, support, and community to get yourself back to your energetic, happy, and productive self.

It specializes in digestive and autoimmune health, but has a list of testimonials from women also resolving hormonal, weight, and other health issues.

I know you’ll love it. Just send me a message or contact me, and I’ll let you know how it works and how it can potentially help you, given your current situation.

And don’t wait…it will only get harder.


About the Author:

Derek Henry, B.Kin, is a highly revered holistic health coach and world renowned natural health blogger from Kelowna, BC who created Healing the Body to help people understand the fundamental principles and intimate details to exceptional health. His popular wellness guides, coaching programs, and educational courses gives people step by step solutions to achieve a healthier body and mind, while empowering them to maintain that lifestyle on their own accord. If you would like to learn more about what he can do holistically to improve your health, check out his website,


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