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What Are the Most Exciting Benefits of Med Marijuana?

There are many reasons why Med Marijuana® Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil excites us. For starters, it is the pure oil from a proprietary strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant bred strictly for medicinal purposes (not to be confused with industrial hemp). It is a safe, natural alternative for humans of all ages and animals—large or small. There are no known side effects with any of these natural products, and they will not interfere with medications. And because you cannot get high from the oil, you do not have to worry about driving or work-related drug testing, offering people another great option for countless health, stress, and sleep-related conditions.

Med Marijuana® products are known for their anti-inflammatory and pain-relief benefits, but they are also so nutritionally dense that they provide optimal nutrition to help prevent and combat illness. As nature’s perfect food, you can live on this oil with nothing else but water.

But what sends happy chills through our bodies? It’s when a customer tells us they’re able to play golf again, or garden after years of not being able to. It’s when a parent tells us that their child can now focus in school and that their grades are improving. It’s when someone is finally able to sleep through the night when they’ve been an insomniac for years. It’s when their pet didn’t have to be euthanized. Or when a lame horse is back running in the field or working on the farm. Or it’s as simple as when someone can reduce or come off their pharmaceuticals.

These are some anecdotal rewards of our business, but it is exactly why we are in this business. These products are not a cure, and they may not help everyone, but for the many people and animals who experience results, it is always exciting for us.

Endeavour More Living

Improving the Quality of Life

for People and Animals

Who Are We?

We are Cameron and Reesa Bruce of Strathmore, and we have been distributors of Med Marijuana® Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil products since 2016.

Endeavour More Living’s mission is to help improve the quality of life for people and animals with the healthiest oil found on the planet.

How Did Our Company Evolve?

Our first experience with these products was in 2016 when our dog was dying from cancer. The oil immediately helped our dog, and we were instantly sold on the benefits of this gift from nature. Our dog regained his quality of life and lived much longer than anyone expected. Though the oil is not a cure, our dog was able to pass on in his senior years after much more “bonus” time.

But we didn’t stop there. Soon after, we started our other dogs and cats and some of our close humans (including ourselves) on the oil. The results were amazing, and it was then that we realized we wanted to share this oil with as many people and animals as possible. Endeavour More Living was born, and it’s been an incredible journey ever since.

Do we grow and process the oil ourselves? No. The cannabis sativa plants are 100% grown and processed by Stephen Health Agency in Nova Scotia. We don’t have green thumbs, so this is better for everyone!


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