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Wedding Survival Kit

So I know I stated in last month’s issue that Frankincense would be highlighted this month…however, I just could not resist the chance to be a part of this months “wedding fever” theme! I have compiled a list of some (or all) of the oils one would want in preparation for their big day. Weddings are a wondrous, joyful event that radiates love and happiness. However, whether you are planning a wedding big or small, there always seem to be hiccups along the way. I’m hoping that if I can arm the happy couple with a “Wedding 911” survival kit, those hiccups will seem easier to deal with and therefore allow the happy couple and all of their closest friends and relatives to enjoy that special day. I have broken the oils down into three categories; Health and Beauty, Relationship Maintenance, and Stress. Some categories will have a few options of oils to use; this does not mean you need all of them; just one will do. (Unless of course you wanted them all, which is ok too!).

Health and Beauty

Immune System – there is nothing more frustrating than battling a cold while accomplishing the fine balancing act of planning a wedding, working, and maintaining a healthy social life.

Here are some recommendations to strengthen your immune system and help those burnt-out adrenals:

· Thieves – Apply to bottoms of feet daily to protect you from viruses, diffuse in your home, or place cotton balls soaked in a few drops in your vents to keep the air in your home germ-free, and ensure that none of those lovely relatives and wedding planners bring their sickness into your home!

· Cedarwood – get your sleep!!! Although sleeping will feel like number one million and twenty on your To Do list, it is absolutely vital to allow you to enjoy the process and your day. If you have trouble shutting your brain off or getting quality sleep, cedarwood may be your new best friend. Cedarwood is known as the “sleepy oil” as it stimulates the release of melatonin into your body. Before bed, place a drop on your forehead between your eyebrows, as well as a drop on each wrist. Sweet dreams!

Glowing Skin – Many brides will spend countless hours scouring bridal magazines, where they are exposed to perfectly airbrushed, glowing model brides. Unfortunately, I cannot offer the airbrushed look, but there are some oils that will help you get that beautiful, glowing skin. Here is the recipe:

· Frankincense, myrrh and coconut oil – find a small glass container (loonie store is a great place for these) and add 2-4 drops of each essential oil and some coconut oil. Mix it up and apply to skin daily to get glowing, healthy skin. Bonus: Apply to breasts to keep them healthy.

Weight Maintenance – a part of me struggles with adding this section because I really would love to be able to tell each bride that she is beautiful the way she is and her soon-to-be husband feels the same way. However, I too was once a bride and I remember this feeling really important to me. Fortunately, I was able to do it in a healthy way and really did feel great about myself that day, not to mention how much healthier I was feeling. So I offer this oil as a way to help maintain a healthy diet and exercise:

· Grapefruit – Grapefruit is what I sometimes call a “sleeper oil” as it has so many amazing benefits and is on the low end of the money scale! Grapefruit essential oil has been known to help with weight loss (by curbing appetite and satiating cravings), fluid retention, depression, anxiety, cellulite, migraines, stress, and indigestion and is very uplifting. Benefits from grapefruit oil can be received by direct inhalation, applied topically or diffused.


At some point during your nuptial journey, stress is almost guaranteed to rear its ugly head, even to those who normally handle stress well. Here are some suggestions of oils that may work for you:

· Lavender, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint or any of the Citrus oils – any of these oils can diffused, or directly inhaled to receive full benefits. It might be nice to keep one in your purse and when needed, apply a few drops into the palms of your hand, rub together and cup your hands over your mouth and nose and inhale three deep breaths.


Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner is absolutely vital to having a blissful wedding day. It is so easy let this part of the journey take a back seat, thinking that after the wedding you will have a chance to reconnect. Your partner is the reason this is all happening in the first place and it is so important to care for and nurture that relationship. I have included a few different options to help keep the passion and connection between you and your partner during this blissful and stressful time.

For Men

· Black Pepper - is known to increase circulation and libido in men.

· Sandalwood - has a rich, sweet, warm and woody aroma that makes it enticing, erotic and soothing. No wonder sandalwood is one of the main ingredients in a large number of men’s colognes!

For Women

· Ylang Ylang - has a sweet, soft, flowery fragrance that has made it a long-time romantic favourite. This oil may help elevate sexual energy and enhance relationships. It is a great oil to diffuse so both can receive the benefits it has to offer. Fun Fact: the soft yellow petals of the Ylang Ylang flower are often strewn across marriage beds in Indonesia.

· Jasmine – the floral fragrance of jasmine is warm and exotic and has been used throughout history for romance and attraction. The essential oil may help balance the feminine energy for the body. It is also a great oil to diffuse.

· Rose – Rose is known as “Queen of the Flowers” and is probably the most common scent associated with love, romance and Valentine’s Day. This oil is known as the “heart chakra.” It is highly romantic and may help balance the hormones of the female reproductive system. Rose oil has also been used for centuries for skin care and is ideal for dry or aging skin. To receive the benefits of the rose essential oil, put a couple of drops on the palms of your hand and rub in a clockwise direction, cup your hands over your nose and mouth and slowly inhale three deep breaths. Place a drip directly on your heart center, behind ears, on wrists and womb center. Is also wonderful in a bath.

Well there you have it; my quick breakdown of some oils you may want to stock up on to help enjoy your wedding day journey! I truly wish you all the happiness in the world and may your wedding day tell the story or your unique relationship!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feel I have missed an area you might be interested in!

Amalia Zarokostas



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