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Sustainable Trends To Add To Your Home

Updated: May 21, 2020

If you are thinking of freshening up your space this year, some of these upcoming trends will be the perfect addition. We have all seen some pretty horrible trends come and go and it seems everything comes back into style at one point or another. Just like trends in fashion, each trend should only be bought into when it works for you and not just because of popularity. This is the same with your home, I believe items you bring into your home should speak to you and your personality but also be sustainable for years to come and not ‘go out’ a year later. I have selected some great trends for you to add to your home that will also last you for years to come.


This is one of my favourite things to do to add character and personality to a home. Not only is this a budget and eco-friendly addition to any home, but makes your space perfectly unique. Mixing high and low items gives a ‘handmade’ feel, yet also streamlines and balances this trend as to avoid an overly shabby chic approach. This also gives you the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind piece or pieces. This does not only pertain to furniture items, but also to art work and soft finishes. Utilising vintage items as wall décor that will add that unexpected feature piece to your home, or creating accent pillows with your vintage concert tees.

Less is more… Nope, more is more!

We are straying away from the clean and sometimes clinical lines of super contemporary design. Before, less was more but now a ‘lived in’ look of a home is where it is at. Layering of different textures, patterns and finishes adds a rich and inviting feel to a space and again makes it uniquely yours. Some ways of adding some items to your space would be to mix metallic finishes with your light fixtures and décor items, layer your couch with an array of different textures, utilising pillows and throws, bring out all those books you have under the stairs, or frame your fire place with some book shelves and display them layered with décor items or (my favourite), create a large gallery wall displaying all your favourite memories.

Last but not least – the statement piece. Every room should have a focal point; a center point that holds all the drama. Creating this and upcycling go hand in hand. For example, if you have found an accent chair with clean and traditional lines, upholstered in a bold geometric print creating something completely unique and contrasting or, as mentioned above, consider making the old new again with reinventing items to create bold art work. An example of this that I have used is a few large and vintage propellers mounted on the wall. This created such character and dimension in the space and brought a whole other element to this builder-basic home.

With some of these items you will be able to add character and warmth to your home, which is my perfect vision of every space. If you are to procure items, these will be with you and your home for a lifetime rather than in the garbage a year later when the trend has seen its day. These items will have a story and will be a great topic of conversation for your guests. Creating this look does take time, as it is a work in progress. Keep balance in mind when mixing the old and the new and you’re well on your way!


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