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Re-Upholstery & Custom Furniture

Often times when you are looking for key furniture pieces for your space, everything tends to look the same after a while and you are just not finding the right size, colour, esthetic and comfort level that you are looking for. These are important items for your home and should be looked at as an investment; pieces that are going to stand the test of time and work in harmony with your home and style for years to come.

Sometimes, what you are looking for you already own, but it is a bit too shabby and worn and perhaps a little outdated. Re-upholstery is a great way to add your own flair to an existing piece, something you know already works well in your space or perhaps has some sentimental value. To create a new vision for something vintage brings it back to life, creates character and interest in your home and has a sense of history.

Upholstery services can also be used to create an entirely new piece that can be customized to work with your space, budget and design style: a banquet for that awkward breakfast nook, a curvy headboard for the perfect princess bedroom or just recovering your dining table chairs for a fresh take on your dining room set.

Customization is a great way to achieve the exact look and needs that you are striving for; it gives you the ability to create distinctive details, such as tufting and nail head detailing, dimensions, comfort level and the choice to pick from an array of fabrics that will stand up to your everyday lifestyle – whether it’s a soft linen neutral on a contemporary sectional, or a dramatic graphic print for an accent chair – there will never be another piece like it.

You may have noticed that I talk a lot about having character in your home, and sense of history. I believe this is as simple as mixing old with new – pattern and texture – but most importantly, having items that are meaningful, sentimental, unique and 100% you.

Emily Hogan

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