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Pet Love Stories

We could learn a lot from our pets – here are a few examples of how a pet can and will make your life more complete.

They're true companions

As any pet owner knows, pets don't have the same type of hang-ups or grudges that humans have. They're perfectly willing to walk with you through life, comfort you in your troubles and cheer you on when life is grand. Mary McCoy said it well when she summed up her relationship with her dog, "He has been a part of my whole marriage and we have made some wonderful memories with him by our side."

Mary's not alone. Hear how other pet owners summarize the love and companionship of their pets:

"The perfect human would have the attitude of a dog -- loving, loyal, happy, protective, faithful and honest. I wish I could be more like my dogs because every day is the best day of their life. Dogs are amazing." -- Kate Sokolewicz

"There is nothing like the love of a dog. All of mine are rescues, two having been abused, yet the first day they trusted me with all their hearts. Dogs are unique in that they're nothing like humans; they can go through hell, yet forgive easily and they put their human before themselves. That kind of love is the best feeling in the world. I only hope I can sufficiently repay them." -- Heather Delmas

"Two months after getting married, my husband was deployed to Afghanistan for a year. I was all alone in a new city with no friends or family, but thank God for my dog! She was always there to keep me company and help me meet new friends." -- Ashley Torresala

"I have two dogs and two cats who have gotten me through a divorce, two major career changes, the death of my parents, my new marriage, two rounds of in vitro fertilization, two miscarriages and a year-long depression. My pets have been by my side, crying with me, walking, cuddling and giving complete, unconditional love. I never would have made it through all that without them." -- Lisa Alexander

They're incredible business partners

When you go into business with your pet, you know that your partner will never double-cross you, will always pull his weight and will never let you down. It takes guts to turn your love of pets into a business, but for those owners who have done it, they know the experience is worth the struggle.

"I love my pug dog, Lola, and after trying to figure out what direction to take with my business -- I realized that I had to follow my doggie bliss and specialize in dog photography. It was the best move I ever made and it probably wouldn't have happened without Lola in my life." -- Cheryl Colombo

"In a nutshell, my dog, Poncho, has changed my life. After my husband and I adopted him in 2003, we set out to learn as much about dog behavior as possible. Long story short? I am now a certified professional dog trainer! This is my third career and the one I love!" -- Joan Hunter Mayer

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