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New Generation Decks are the Latest Trend in Outdoor Living

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Are you planning on travel for your summer vacation? Thanks to the rising cost of oil, this summer many Canadians will be staying close to home rather than purchasing expensive plane tickets or spending a small fortune on a road trip. Instead, people are expected to invest in upgrades to their outdoor living space at home. Among the projects expected to be popular are landscaping, adding water features and if there isn’t one already, adding a deck. Fortunately, those being built today are a lot more advanced than the decks a lot of people remember from their youth. They are easier to take care of, and made of superior materials that are designed to last a long time.

One of the most popular lines in Decking and Railing these days is a wood-thermoplastic composite material made from a mix of recycled wood fiber and post-industrial high-density polyethylene, and appears natural in both look and feel. They have a reversible brushed/woodgrain finish and come in a variety of lengths and colours. Colour is added to the mixture during the manufacturing process, bonding it to the boards so they won’t fade, crack or peel. Make sure to ask whoever you get to build your new deck this year about the new options available.


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