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Is Your Home in Need of a Home Design Stimulus Plan?

Updated: May 21, 2020

Does lifeless and cluttered design leave your home in need of a makeover? Lifestyle and design expert Susie Coelho is out to change all of that with a sweeping Home Design Stimulus Plan that offers immediate and effective relief for homeowners to boost their surroundings, both inside and out, without busting their budgets.

"Homeowners have been clamoring for widespread reform both inside and outside of the home," says Coelho, who has provided guidance and support to homeowners for years with her best-selling books and HGTV makeover shows Surprise Gardener and Outer Spaces. "This plan will refresh any home design." The five key components to Coelho's Home Design Stimulus Plan are as follows: 1. Provide immediate relief to family and living rooms with the removal of excess furniture. Provide relief to living and family rooms that have been over-taxed by excess furniture and accessories. Space is the basis for contemporary design and this look can be achieved by trimming down. Stimulate and breathe new life into rooms by cutting back on anything that has become a liability instead of an asset. Remove that extra wing back chair, the torn ottoman, those pillows that swallow up the sofa, and maybe even that old carpet so that you can actually see some floor. 2. Cut back on spending with the addition of only inexpensive or handmade decorative pieces. Fool guests by creating pieces of art for little or no money. Look for branches that can be put in a vase, a painting from a garage sale or flea market, a beautiful fabric piece, or even a great piece of wallpaper that can be framed. Find large pieces that make big statements. Light the art from the bottom with a small spotlight that can be tucked behind the piece. Let the art be the star of the room. 3. Infuse natural light into the home for an immediate morale (and energy efficient) boost. Bring natural light into the home simply and affordably, and watch spirits increase as the energy bills decrease. Windows are a piece of art and can be used to showcase an outdoor tree or plant and create that seamless look between the indoors and the outdoors - but they must be clean. According to a recent survey, almost half of homeowners (48 percent) would rather clean the toilet or shower than their outdoor windows. For many that may be because of the time and effort that goes into the chore, but it can be simple and the results can be dramatic.

4. Give outdoor areas some incentives by taking the best of interior design outside. Bring change to your home by styling the outdoor spaces using simple indoor techniques. Add an outdoor rug to soften the patio floor; bring in a side table as a focal point or even an outdoor leather ottoman. Elevate the planter to the status it merits by placing it on a table instead of the ground. Add some decorative pillows to make the outdoor furniture more inviting. If in the market for furniture, choose those pieces that have the flexibility to be used either indoors or out. 5. Bailout your backyard! No backyard challenge is insurmountable with these helpful hints for bringing quick relief to the outdoor areas. No place to plant? Go vertical in your garden with trellises, walls, arbors and planters. Use ivy, ficas, bougainvillea, night blooming jasmine, gardenias, and other fragrant species to stimulate the senses. Small spaces? Give the illusion of space by using a mirror to reflect and open up areas, adding an entirely new dimension. With these easy tips, the indoor and outdoor spaces will look fabulous in no time. Next on the to-do list: find an excuse for a party to show off the beautifully refreshed home.


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