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Huacachina, Peru

Have you ever wanted to go to a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere?

This is the place for you - built right in the middle of the southwestern desert of Peru, this little village is an oasis in the middle of nowhere. Huacachina is a tiny town in southern Peru, an hour away from the Pacific coast. The town is basically a collection of resorts and restaurants around a blue-green Laguna, surrounded by huge sand dunes. An antique image of the town is featured on Peru´s 50 soles bill. Its interest to tourists is three-fold: the novelty and beauty of a dry desert with huge sand dunes, plus the opportunity to sand board and to ride in four-wheel-drive dune buggies that cruise up and down the dunes at break-neck speeds. The town depends entirely on tourism; as most visitors are foreigner tourists. The town is extremely small, and visitors can walk from one end to another within a few minutes. Watch the sunset from the rim of the dunes with amazing colours and views. You can walk up for the sunrise, but be careful as there are no marked paths.

You can enjoy an extraordinary adventure tour called the dune buggy and sandboarding tour. This tour is both thrilling and jaw-dropping, transporting you deep into the desert to see the huge sand dunes on the coast. These ancient mountains of sand are beautiful and surreal. And adventurous travelers are welcome to try sandboarding down the dunes! There is much more to do here, including winery tours, flights over the world-famous Nazca Lines, and boat tours to see Humboldt penguins and sea lions.

Do something different for a change – sounds fun to me!

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