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Entertaining Kids At Home

Updated: May 19, 2020

Entertaining kids at home can seem overwhelming at times. There’s an endless to-do list that is calling your name, and then there are tiny humans who also want your full attention. You don’t want to constantly turn to screen time, but sometimes it could feel like you’re out of ideas. So here are a few simple activities to keep them a little preoccupied AND your sanity in control! 1. LET’S GET CREATIVE Getting creative is such a good way to keep them busy. An art project might be the perfect thing to do when you’re in need of an engaging activity! Something as simple as a magic wand or an airplane made out of household items require little to no prep! Or maybe try some rock painting or creating something simple on a canvas that they could hang up in their room? They’ll end up with an art piece you all can be proud of! 2. COOK TOGETHER Some kids love being in the kitchen! It can be a fun lesson in also teaching numbers through measurements, and can also help with motor skills if they are stirring and/or pouring ingredients. There’s also no need to stress out over a giant mess just try an easy recipe. 3. HAVE A DANCE PARTY Turn on those jams, move the couches, and get a dance party started! Teach them the Macarena or Cupid Shuffle! If that’s not your thing, just put on some of your favourite music to just get that body up and moving! What better way to burn all that energy than a dance party! You can even get creative with tutus and capes because who wouldn’t LOVE that. 4. MAKE A FUN TIK TOK If it’s age-appropriate, make a fun video on Tik Tok! There are so many fun dances and cute skits you can do with them! Plus, there’s a likely chance you’ll end up earning some cool points with them. 5. GET OUTSIDE Being outside and getting fresh air might be one of the best things for our mindsets whether you’re young or old! Maybe throw a football around or play soccer. You can go on a nature scavenger hunt! It’s not easy keeping little ones entertained for a long time, but hopefully these ideas might help! Just remember… YOU GOT THIS MAMA.

**Side Note*** Rachel Hollis is a HUGE inspiration for Me (Aleesha Gosling, The Newsy Neighbour CEO) She has so many incredible blog posts, postcasts, videos and books that will uplift you, motivate and challenge you. I highly recommend taking some time to check her out!



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