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Enhance Any Space With These Rules

Updated: May 21, 2020

Do not overfill a space – furniture placement is key when developing a space which provides good flow and functionality. Scale and balance in the pieces you select are key for this as we do not want one to compete with another. If you have a dominant couch pair with a cleaner lined, lighter accent chair and a glass coffee table as to not use any visual space and balance the larger items. None of the items should compete for attention but have their own intention in the space. It is best to invest in fewer better quality items for a room with strategic placement rather than a collection of pieces.

Art work installation – with the higher ceilings in most homes homeowners often think they need to hang their art work higher then needed. Art work is to be hung at mid-point and eye level so that you can enjoy the piece and have it balance with the rest of the space. On average this is usually 60” from the floor.

Create zones with area rugs – for a larger area rug which all your furniture can fit on there should be about one foot of a border at the back of the furniture however this would be quite a large rug. If using a smaller area rug it is still key to have the front legs of all items over the edge of the rug. Anything smaller with throw off the balance of the room and make your furniture items look like they are floating around.

Stay away from themes – there are many ways to represent a specific design style within your space without being too literal. This can be achieved with texture, pattern, color palette and art. For example if you are looking to achieve a country chic feel you do not need to have roosters throughout the space. Natural linens, a soft and fresh paint hue and some vintage farm items for art work will still drive the concept home.

Layer your lighting – different tones of light throughout a space can set any mood, highlight certain items in the space and create depth. Cabinet lighting, artwork spotlighting, dimmer lights, lamps are some additions you could add to your space in order to create this effect.

Create a focal point – there should always be a dominant factor in your space in which the rest of the design flows from. This is where your eye is drawn and which anchors the room. This could either be a fire place, bold headboard or a dramatic light fixture above the dining table. Since most homes are open concept these days there is usually one focal point per space and taking into account that this serves as the focal point for more than one area each area needs to flow.

Most importantly be creative, individual and surround yourself with items that make you happy. I believe it is better to wait for that one décor piece to come along than to simply go by something to fill an area. Purchase items with intention, items that work with the balance and style of the space but also something that speaks to you. The rules above are basic guidelines to setting the space, styling is what makes a house your home.


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