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A Lesson Learned The Hard Way

When I was a boy, I remember a day I went fishing and I got lost in deep thought. My dog was with me and I had wished that I were a fish. I imagined that they had a trouble-free life. I wished harder for what seemed like hours. Suddenly I was struggling to breathe and I was flopping around like a fish out of water.

I soon realized that I WAS a fish - and out of water! My dream had come true and I was dying from oxygen intoxication. It didn’t take long before I no longer wanted to be a fish. It took a great effort to flip myself into the water just to survive.

As I dodged the bigger fishes and snapping turtles I screamed, “NEVER blub blub MIND! I blub blub DON’T WANT TO BE A FISH!” I sped away and crashed into a wall – I said, “oh, dam…” I wished again that I would not be a fish anymore.

Then my second wish came true and I was transformed back into a human again -- I was immensely relieved. Relieved, and drowning! I wildly swam toward shore and pulled myself out of the water relatively death-free.

My dear old dog was there to greet me and he licked my face. Never again did I wish to be anything but myself.

By: Russ Teed


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