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Will artificial intelligence replace your profession?

Okay, yes, I can feel it.

But is the world even ready for the arrival of artificial intelligence? And ask better: How could our civilization be prepared for something with which it has no experience? How to be prepared for the “childhood” of artificial intelligence, i.e. for a time full of mistakes and errors?

There are many other questions no one really knows the answer:

Who are the Pioneers, the people, the investors who are behind the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) and who today already control the business around AI, and what responsibility do they feel? And do they feel any at all? And how can anyone be responsible for something that is supposed (according to the task) to live its own life and keep improving and improving?

There was a goal in the very beginning, and it has been said loudly: an artificial intelligence will not be created to generate money, but to help humanity, not able to harm. That is, AI will only be developed for the benefit of people and will be researched and directed so that it can never harm people, so that everything is always safe. OpenAI, after all, was founded as a non-profit company (!), but that is already a thing of the past.

Recently, however, OpenAI management admitted that this goal has changed "somewhat". The company's CEO, visionary and AI pioneer, Sam Altman, was first dismissed and then reinstated in the director's chair. And the whole world is watching with open mouths, because this kind of power play by a few individuals can have far-reaching consequences.

There are billions of dollars at stake that can come from this brand-new technology. Are we really close to inventing general artificial intelligence that's versatile and comparable to humans? In fact, we are witnessing a time, when such an enormous power is falling into the AI pioneers' laps?

The new technology genie has clearly been let out of the bottle and it will be very difficult to keep it under control.

What exactly do you need to imagine and prepare for?

AI can be used to analyze data (all kinds of data: technical, financial, political, etc.); to identify trends, find solutions, detect fraud or crime, and all this is done by AI very quickly (one can say immediately). Artificial intelligence can be set up to automatically perform many everyday tasks such as data entry, classification and approval or rejection.

Do you remember the authors' strike in Hollywood? Because the memory of the AI system can be stuffed with the texts of the authors, even from the most famous and best authors, can give AI the task of creating - writing a script for a movie about "aliens” and AI will use, compose, select the best lyrics from the best and create a new work… But is it really a new work?

Artificial intelligence can do much more! They can make an entire movie and you will have no idea that they are not real actors.

And we don't have to go to Hollywood; today AI will write you a draft of any contract or a draft of a divorce settlement, or a political speech or a Cover Letter when you apply for a job; it's all been up and running for a long time!

AI is practically ready for processing of

all legal documents,

the tax system,

all invoices,

for carrying out all records and evaluating records,

lead lessons,

become a teacher,

register warehouses, open them and close them,

decide what medicine to give to which patient, how to treat him…

In fact, artificial intelligence will not wait for the nurse in the hospital to take your temperature, because it will take it itself, take your blood and find out all the possible data!

So just imagine what artificial intelligence can already do and what it will replace you doing!



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