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Weddings Are Expensive

Holy moly guacamole; weddings are expensive! From the wedding dress (you pay all that money to wear a dress for one single day?!), to invitations (and now there are pre-invitation just to prepare you for what is coming!) to the food, flowers, venue, decorations, the alcohol and the 10,000 other little expenses. Seriously, you’re broke before you even get started! The scary part is that I have 5 children who are not married yet! There goes the farm.

But wait, there could be hope yet, I have heard rumours that there is a new fad that has been going on for quite some time now where, instead of people purchasing a gift for the bride and groom, they send money. Now. this is not a new concept; people have been giving money to couples for centuries, but I guess now you give the money before the big day, a gift in advance so you can help make the whole thing happen – like paying it forward.

How this all works is that the couple-to-be hosts an online fundraising campaign. They ask people to donate online before the wedding date. If you are interested in this idea, this is how it works.

Announce the Wedding Date

Announcing a specific date for the wedding before building an online fundraising campaign is a key component. As soon as people know the date, they will feel more inclined to donate online. You will need to start a blog or make a website and you can keep people engaged in your plans and how things are going. This could be really fun!

Explain What You Need

In order to raise money online, it is imperative to explain exactly what you need. For example, you can announce that you are asking for assistance paying for the venue, entertainment, food or even your honeymoon. By giving people a concrete goal, they will feel more inclined to donate. If you ask for money for your honeymoon, tell people that their donation is your wedding gift.

Plan Ahead

Most people are happy to support a wedding, but if you want to raise money online for such a large event, then you need to start early. Consider for example how early you would start planning for a vacation overseas. Even though you are asking multiple people to support your fundraiser, you should give them ample time to consider the amount of money they would like to give. What is too much and what is too little?

Do the Process in Phases

Any large wedding fundraiser should be split up into four phases to make it easier to hit your goal. For example, all successful businesses create quarterly goals to keep them on track for their annual revenue numbers. This is the same idea that wedding fundraisers need to follow. Keep your guests, friends and family informed of your plans and choices throughout the process. This way, they will feel a part of your happy event, and they will feel like they are right there with you.

If you are a little weary of the whole idea, there are a ton of websites already set up for the whole process that will walk you though all the stages. But seriously, think about all the fun you could have doing this yourself! I have even set up a website and in the beginning, it was scary but in the end what is the worst that can happen? Just delete and start again. Plus, who knows where it could lead you.

No accidents in the Universe!

Author: Kathryn Hartwell


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