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1. Drink MORE Water. Keep track of your water intake with

an app, journal or marked water bottle.

2. Move more! Sit Less, start daily walks, bike rides or running.

3. Explore & Travel more. Take camping trips, visit the next

town over, go to National Parks.

4. Volunteer more. Spend time or money improving the


5. Send more handwritten letters.

6. Call mom/siblings/grandparents more. Be the one who

makes the first move.

7. Pick a time to wake up. Get up a few minutes earlier

everyday until you reach the goal. Only hit the snooze button twice.

8. Live simply, only buy what is needed.

9. Prioritize breakfast. Make sure to eat all your meals.

10. Turn on music instead of the TV. It’s less distracting and

more motivating.

11. Remember your goals and the big picture.

12. Try something new: Yoga, baking, DIY projects, meditation (try guided YouTube videos) or art classes.

13. Floss your teeth daily. Stay consistent.

14. Quit one bad habit: It could be nail biting, smoking,

eating out of boredom, etc.

15. Go to bed on time. Don’t lay in bed browsing on your

phone until all hours of the night.

16. Take time for self care. Do something nice for yourself

once a week; read your favourite book, take a long bath,

get your nails done, etc.

17. Go skydiving! It’s not as expensive as you may think.

Prices start around $200 or less.

18. Clean out your email inbox. Unsubscribe to emails you

don’t read.

19. Take a full day off from social media once a month.

20. Slow down while eating, savour each bite.

21. Make your coffee at home & save money. Crafting

cold brew coffee is surprisingly simple. Treat yourself to a

special coffee occasionally.

22. Clean out your closet. Donate or sell what you don’t


23. Try Meatless Mondays.

24. Go to local, live music concerts.

25. Swap soda or other sugary drinks for tea.

26. Try a fitness class; Water aerobics, spinning, Pilates, hip

hop, belly dancing, etc.

27. Learn a new language on a free app like Duolingo.

28. Do a little act of kindness daily; pay for the person behind you in the drive thru, pay for an expired parking meter, pick up a piece of trash on the ground, etc.

29. Keep a notepad next to your bed for ideas that come

to you at night.

30. Start your morning with a stretching routine.

31. Find a workout buddy.

32. Keep a jar of things you are grateful for during the


33. Check out your local farmers and flea markets.

Shopping local is always a bonus!

34. Double the time you spend outside.

35. Always use sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy.

36. Keep a bag of essential supplies in your car: jumper

cables, non-perishable snacks, phone charger, a blanket, band-aids, sunscreen, etc.

37. Deep clean your laptop or computer keyboard!

Get out all the crumbs and wipe off food stains.

38. Organize your photos. Delete duplicates and put

them in folders for events, years, months, etc.

39. Delete apps on your phone that you don’t use. Put

similar apps or ones used often near each other.

40. Put your phone away an hour before bed.

41. Watch more documentaries.

42. Start a recipe box or journal.

43. Complete one money saving challenge.

44. Send thank-you cards.

45. Lower your daily sugar intake.

46. Read at least one book a month.

47. Get an annual checkup.

48. Make an emergency kit.

49. Balance your cheque book (debit account) daily.

Don’t let your spending get out of hand and spoil your


50. Keep track of your eating habits or ANY good habits.


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