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How can I prepare in the event I become infected and have diabetes?

Hello all, Larry here. Happy June! Happy Father’s Day to all of you fellas, whether you’re a Dad or not. Enjoy the day and the sunshine. Roger and I have decided to take Jim on a small hike and barbeque in the back yard. It is still a quiet year of social distancing and less socialization and we are ok with that. Life has changed gears for everyone, and it won’t be going back to “normal” anytime soon, so let’s get on with living the best life we all can. Just because it is different, does not mean it can’t still be amazing.

Roger was reading on the Diabetes Canada website the other day, and he come up with a good article to help us diabetics take some of the stress out of all our “What if’s.” We think it is good information for all Diabetics, so we thought we would share it for you all.

Everyone should have a plan in case they or a loved one becomes ill. For people living with diabetes, this is very important. Your plan may include:

  • Gather the contact information for your doctors, clinic, pharmacy and your insurance

  • Write down the names and doses of your medications

  • Have enough medication for one-two weeks in case you cannot get to the pharmacy to refill your prescriptions

  • Ensure you have enough device supplies as well (i.e. pump supplies, pen supplies, monitor supplies, etc.)

  • Ensure all your medications have refills available, so you do not have to leave the house if you become ill

  • Have extra supplies like rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers and soap to wash your hands

  • Keep simple sugars (i.e. glucose tablets) on-hand in case you need to treat low blood sugar which may occur more frequently with illness due to changes to eating patterns

  • Have glucagon available in case of a significant low blood sugar (if taking insulin or medications that can cause low blood sugar)

  • Have ketone strips available in case of illness (if you have type 1 diabetes)

Well, I am wanting to get back out to the garden and check on all those plants that are peaking up. It promises to be an amazing garden year. We are looking forward to a bounty of home-grown veggies. Enjoy June and we look forward to seeing you all next month.

Until then…

Make your Footprints Count.

Larry and Roger

Written by:

Vicki L Myhre CPOD (I) CMP PFRP

Enlightened Soles

a division of Jenericay Wellness and Footcare


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