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Are You Planning for a Wedding or a Marriage?

Many of us get caught up in planning for our big day. We find ourselves in overwhelm too often. However, planning for a wedding is really about planning for a marriage. Remember, your wedding is one day, whereas your marriage is for a beautiful lifetime. Practice and repeat these affirmations by saying them to yourself, daily or as needed, to focus on planning for your marriage.

Affirmations for a Blessed Marriage:

I trust that everything will work out exactly as it's meant too.

I confidently prepare for my marriage with ease and flow.

I am already happily married to my fiancé/fiancée in my heart.

My body is beautiful.

I visualize our marriage being filled with love and bliss.

My body is strong and healthy.

I feel positive about my marriage.

I nourish my body with healthy foods and practice taking care of my beautiful body.

I slow down and savour the beautiful process of life.

I find moments of peacefulness where time seems to stand still.

I practice acts of kindness.

I have a deep, loving and nourishing relationship with myself.

My body and mind are calm and relaxed.

Each challenge we face brings a new beautiful layer of depth to our marriage. Embrace your challenges, for they are truly opportunities. A new loving perspective is always available if we only allow it.

Author: Carla Lomenda-Segovia of Lomenda Energy Inc.

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