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Your Special Wedding

Weddings are a lot of work. And it’s the little things that are always forgotten - because you most definitely have all the BIG stuff handled. Even before you book your wedding venue, there are a few things you should consider, like the potential for noise (make sure you find out the noise curfew in area of your location) and landscaping (this will be the backdrop for your amazing day, including all your photos!). What about your event’s time of day? Is the landscaping only beautiful when the sun is up? If you are having an evening ceremony, landscaping may not be as important. And then there’s lodging options; will your guests be drinking or coming from out of town? You want them to have a place to relax or sleep after the event. Make sure they have a safe way of getting there, as well. You must check out accessibility; if a relative is in a wheel chair, that needs to be taken into consideration. And make sure the restrooms are not a 10 minute walk away. Do the guests have to travel far between the ceremony and the reception? Make sure you are happy with the lighting provided (this can be an unexpected cost).

Talking about unexpected costs, don’t forget about alterations, extra beauty needs, a marriage license,

insurance, pre-wedding diet and exercise, out of season flowers, postage, gifts for parents, hotel for the night before, coat check, valet parking, lighting, sounds, chairs, transportation, gratuity, unexpected guests, set up and tear down, and gift opening day!

Before you even get to all that, here are a few considerations for your wedding invitations and what you should have on them.

- Names of the Bride and Groom (duh)

- Date

- Time

- Location of the Wedding

- Location of the reception

- All necessary RSVP information

- Special instructions, such as if children are allowed and dress code

Short notice wedding invitations can make guests feel that you forgot them, or you are just sending the card out and not really wanting them to make the date. Four weeks’ notice is best for simple, in-town weddings. If it is going to be an out-of-town wedding, then at least six weeks’ notice is best.

Do you know the proper order of a traditional processional?

The Mother of The Bride, Groomsmen, Best Man, Groom, Officiant, Bridesmaids, Maid/Matron of Honour, Flower Girl & Ring Bearer and Father of the Bride & Bride.

The Grooms “To Go” Kit.

Brides usually always remember to make an emergency kit for the wedding day, but let’s not forget about the grooms!! Get some travel-sized products such as bandages, body spray, toothpaste, mouthwash, breath mints, shampoo/conditioner, shaving cream, deodorant, disinfecting wipes, eye drops, hand sanitizer and pain relievers (you know… for the post-bachelor party headache).

What about gifts for your Bridesmaids?

A pretty robe with a monogrammed name your besties can wear to get ready in on the wedding day or cute little purses to keep their necessities in the day of the wedding (The Red Carrot!). Beautiful make up is always a great gift; what woman doesn’t like to get new make-up (Value Drug Mart!)? Jewelry, of course, is always a great option, like a necklace or bracelet for a keepsake to remember this special day is something they will love. To make it extra special, consider getting it engraved!! Simple and elegant stud earrings can be a woman’s best friend! We all love a massage and a gift card for your local spa would be wonderful (Lakeshore Spa!)! Or, a new tote bag they can take to the beach, shopping and on every vacation to always be reminded of your special day.

Some random genius wedding ideas!

Add a line for DJ request songs on your RSVP!

Get your Grandmas to be your flower girls!

Have a waffle bar, a poutine bar, a perogie bar or bring in a food truck for your midnight snack.

Instead of favours, have a candy bar for people to fill a bag of candy to take home!

Put crayons at the kids table

Forgo the typical bouquet for one giant flower!

Set up an Instagram hashtag. Ex. #Goslingwedding

Serve milk, water or juice in a champagne glass at the kids table for the toast.

Hang name tags of all your guests, bring a Polaroid camera and then hang a sign that says “Find your name, and then replace it with a Polaroid photo of yourself!”

AND what about wedding favour ideas like, a little bottle of champagne or high-grade olive oil, macaroons, local honey, caramel corn or coffee?

Stuck for a Father/Daughter Wedding song?

Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

My Little Girl – Tim McGraw

My Wish – Rascal Flatts

Butterfly Kisses – Tim McGraw or Bob Carlisle

When You Need Me – Bruce Springsteen

My Girl – The Temptations

The Way You Look Tonight – Michael Buble or Frank Sinatra

Unforgettable – Nat King Cole


Look at each other during the ceremony. Not the officiant. Stay hydrated and make this the happiest day of your life!

Marriage Advice

Don’t let days go by where you don’t smile and hug each other. Making dumb jokes and cuddling together over a beer and a movie (or doing whatever you both love together) is one of the best parts of marriage. Don’t take that for granted.

~ Pretti Moberg (My Big Fat Indian Wedding)

Author: Kathryn Hartwell

All inspiration found on Pinterest

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