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What You’ll Need for a Wedding Reception Wine Tasting

  • Table - A separate table, preferably off to the side of the reception area that will strictly be the wine tasting table.

  • Sign - Some sort of sign that identifies the table as a “wine tasting” table, since this is a unique wedding reception idea... guests might not be familiar with the format. Perhaps another sign (or printed papers) listing the wines available to taste, including producer, vintage, region where it is from, etc.

  • Glasses - Several tasting wine glasses are necessary. Extras can be stored under the table (cover table with fabric that drapes, so it is hidden) so they don’t take up too much room on the table surface.

  • Wine - Offer at least four different wines. You can offer two reds, two whites, or mix in a fruit wine. You could offer all reds from the same wine region, or an assortment of wines from the same vintage. Select wines that compliment your wine wedding theme. Have several bottles of each wine you are offering, depending on your number of guests. Remember, these wines are for tasting, not for gulping down, so you don’t need to have enough to get everyone intoxicated; that is what the other booze is for.

  • Ice Buckets - If you are offering white wines at your tasting table, you will need ice buckets for each different white to chill them.

  • Host - Someone needs to supervise and “host” the wine tasting table so that guests don’t simply poor huge glasses of wine to gulp down and walk away. A host can be a hired person provided by a catering service or a special wine enthusiast friend. This person can pour the wine and even answer questions about them, if needed.

  • Optional: Spit Buckets, Bread, Water - A spit bucket is offered so that guests can spit out the wines instead of swallowing. This is optional and most likely since it is a wine wedding theme reception, not needed. A small basket of bread can be available for guests to cleanse their palate and water can be available to rinse glasses in between wines. These items are optional.

This unique wedding reception idea was used at a wine wedding theme reception I recently planned. It went off without a hitch and the guests had a blast! They served two reds and two white wines all from Bandol (a southern French wine region), which complimented their Provencal wine wedding theme. The wine was selected and purchased by the couple, but served by a host provided by their caterer. The tasting table photo above was taken at their reception.



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