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Welcome to Colourful Keto with Dori!

Colourful Dori, the vibrant culinary artist with a knack for creating delicious sugar and gluten-free dishes. Get ready for a feast of colours and creativity! She’s your one-stop shop for colourful creations, product promotion, social media networking, merchandise and marketing solutions.

And it's her Anniversary!! This October marks 4 years of delicious, colourful, healthy Newsy Neighbour recipes!! It has been an honour to be a small part of such an amazing publication.

Her journey began in 2017, when she decided to change her diet and she had to learn to cook from scratch with limited access to ingredients. To her surprise, it was way more fun

than she thought it would be!

The first thing she learned to make was Nut and Seed flour. Her mind was blown when she realized how easy it was!! But no one believed her when she told them. She made a video to show her friends, they loved it and requested more tutorials.

Creating a YouTube channel was the obvious answer. She got one all set up and decided to call it The Keto Corner, which she thought was a great name... until she told her son. He just shook his head and said no, that's way too boring.

"You are not boring Momma, you're colourful; from your hair to your clothes to your food.”

So, Colourful Keto as born.

The only problem? She knew absolutely nothing about social media. And we mean nothing. She didn't even know that a hashtag was a real thing until she started Instagram. She thought it was just something the kids say! #idontknowwhathashtagsare

Learning how to build and grow multiple social media platforms to share recipes took Dori down a path she never could have imagined. Perhaps the most rewarding, she began Colourful Creations, helping small businesses in person and online with Group and Individual Workshops for Promotion, Networking, Content Creation, Affiliate Marketing, Event Hosting and More.

Search Colourful Dori for local events and collaborations on all of her favourite platforms TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Substack and Clapper.

To the amazing staff at The Newsy Neighbour - thank you for celebrating 4 years with me!!


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