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The True Feelings Of An Introvert During The Quarantine

Updated: May 12, 2020

While some you might be struggling to make peace with the fact that you are stuck at your homes with nowhere to go and no one to interact with, guess who’s making the most out of this time? *Drum rolls* The introverts. Remember how Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. kind of threatened Chandler for that Dutch girl when they play football at Thanksgiving? He said, “Prepare to feel very bad about yourself” and Chandler hit back saying, “I’ve been preparing for that my entire life”. Similar is the case with all the introverts now. We are like, "Social distancing for a pandemic? No problem. I have been doing it otherwise as well”. Well, I wouldn’t say that the woes of the introverts have ended completely. Earlier, we had to cancel plans of catching up with our friends and family over coffee or dinner; but now there’s this added trouble of group video chats. There seems no escaping from that though! Like, when everything was in order and humans were allowed to step out of our houses to be in a social circle, things were different. If, as an introvert, I wanted to dodge a plan then, I would bring up the excuse of an urgent appointment (read: Netflix and chill), or a friend’s birthday (read: my pet’s 7th month and 13th-day birthday) or say, a set of important tasks that need to be completed within strict deadlines (read: ordering 3 meals for one to be eaten while reading my favourite book). However, now that our friends know that we have no other places to be at apart from our homes, pulling out of those “lengthy” and “excruciating” zoom calls are nothing but a challenge on our part. But, do you see how tables have turned? Everybody suddenly wants to know what we introverts do for fun. Should we start checking on the extroverts or something? Society is thanking us for being responsible and staying indoors and all but, they must understand that they are simply appreciating us for our general lifestyle. Truth be told, we don’t mind this gratification until you overwhelm us with this attention. Oh wait, I think there’s another mess that we have let ourselves in; it’s called, “sure, we should meet after this ends”. I think we are going to use all this time and prepare for those extensive terms of socializing. It still won’t be enough, who am I kidding? It's not like we introverts are not fond of going out at all or something of that sort; we do, at least we enjoy having the option and then pleasantly declining it. That's more our thing! *We have been flattening the curve of COVID-19 since forever*. The only bunch of introverts who are keenly looking for the social distancing to end is those stuck at home with extroverts. I am certain they have their fingers crossed and want everyone they live with to leave their house as soon as possible.



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