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So You're Getting Married! It’s Time To Get Fit!

Where do you start? Establish how much time you have before the wedding date. 6 months, 1 year, 9.5 weeks? Once you know how many months, weeks, days, hours and minutes before your big day, set a realistic fitness goal.

What's realistic when it's the biggest day of your life? Determine how much time each week you can realistically commit to a fitness program. Take in to account how many hours you work, what commitments you have, what new commitments you will be taking on by planning a wedding and so on. Many brides wait until the last month or weeks before the wedding and then crash diet. Crash dieting is a horrible idea! Not to mention horrible for your mental health, hormonal health and physical health. With crash dieting, you are going to get run down and sick. You can't deal with stress as well and after the wedding, the weight piles back on.

If you don't know what you’re doing, or have read a few articles on how to get fit. Don't waste your time – hire a professional!

Once you have established your fitness goal, start small!

Only change one thing a week. Week 1 might be getting to the gym twice. Week 2, continue with week 1; get to the gym twice and eat 4-5 small meals a day. Week 3, continue with week 1 & 2; go to the gym twice, eat 4-5 small meals and get 8 hours of sleep a night. Continue to add small changes throughout the weeks. If you are struggling with a change, stick with it until you master it.

You need to change your behaviour or habits in order to be successful. You can't change all you habits at once and expect long term results. Quick fixes never promote health and wellness.

You are about to start a new journey in your life with someone you love. Take care of yourself! Health and wellness is your life and if your health is poor, so is the quality of your life.


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