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Old Time Cooking Tips and Hints

These old-fashioned cooking tips and hints are taken from a number of vintage publications, including "Buckeye Cookery and Practical Housekeeping," "The Perry Home Cook Book," "The White House Cook Book," and "Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets."

Slicing Pineapples

The knife used for peeling a pineapple should not be used for slicing it, as the rind contains an acid that is apt to cause a swollen mouth and sore lips. The Cubans use salt as an antidote for the ill effects of the peel.

To Scald Milk

Put in top of double boiler, having water boiling in under part. Cover, and let stand on top of range until milk around edge of double boiler has a bead-like appearance.

To Prevent Milk Curdling

A pinch of soda stirred into milk that is to be boiled will prevent curdling.

Using Bread Crumbs for Pastry

This old cooking tip makes a tasty dessert.

Many puddings that are commonly baked in a crust, such as coconut, potato, apple, and lemon, are equally as good and more wholesome, made by strewing grated bread crumbs over a buttered pie plate or pudding dish to the usual depth of crust; pour in the pudding filling, strew another layer of bread crumbs over the top, and bake.

When Baking Pies, Cakes, Cookies, Etc.

A bowl containing two quarts of water, set in an oven when baking, will prevent pies, cakes, cookies, etc., from being scorched.

Cake Icing Tip

A pinch of soda in your icing will keep it moist and prevent its cracking on the cake.

To Prevent Pots from Boiling Over

Rub butter or lard on the rim of a pot, and it won't boil over readily.

To Cure Salty Soup

A raw potato added to the soup will absorb the extra salt.

To Cut Hard-Boiled Eggs

To cut hard-boiled eggs in smooth slices, dip the knife first in water.

To Make Fowl Tender

A little vinegar in the water will help make tender an old fowl when cooking.

To Beat White of Egg Quicker

A pinch of salt will make the white of an egg beaten quicker.

To Remove Cake from Pan

If cake sticks to the pan, set it on a wet cloth 5 minutes and cake can be removed.

To Remove Odour from Oven

If juice from pies runs out in oven, salt sprinkled on juice will remove the odour and smoke.

To Peel Oranges

This old-time cooking tip can be used with a microwave oven, but only heat for a few seconds.

Heat oranges a few minutes in oven before peeling, then the white inner skin will come off with the rind.

To Make Tough Meat Tender

For a few minutes, lay it in a strong vinegar water.

When Squeezing Lemons

Heat lemons well before squeezing and there will be double the quantity of juice.

When Baking Fruit Pies

To keep juice from running out of fruit pies, insert a small cornucopia of white note paper into the center of the pie so that it is about twice the height of the pie.

To Separate Eggs

When separating eggs, if you drop a portion of egg yolk into the whites, moisten a cloth with cold water, touch to the yolk, and it will adhere to it.

Testing Eggs for Freshness

If an egg is strictly fresh it will, when placed in a pan of water, lie on its side at the bottom of the pan. If stale, it will stand on end, and if very old, it will rise to the surface.

To Remove Cooking Odours from Hands

Wash hands and before drying them, rub on about 1 teaspoon of dry mustard powder.

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