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Make This The Best Father's Day Ever!


lthough we all know just how much our fathers do for us, do you ever stop to think what being a dad is really like? They work all day, come home at night, sit at a table crowded with noisy kids, give up their favourite sports shows in favour of cartoons, and then wait for their turn in the shower before they can call it a day. No, being a father isn't all about sacrifice, but if you want the truth, it comes pretty darn close to it. Why not make this year's Father's Day more fun and exciting than ever before?

Breakfast in Bed with a Good Read

Sure, your dad may have had breakfast in bed before, but with the Newsy Neighbour Father's Day Edition? That has to be one of the most novel ideas when it comes to doing something nice for a truly great dad. It really isn't all about serving dad breakfast in a relaxed (and kid-free) zone, but we have stuff that dad will love reading in this issue. Another good thing to take him would be the sports page from the local paper; you are telling him that you appreciate deep down inside all the times he gave up watching his favourite sports telecast so the kids could watch The Simpsons on that flat screen TV he worked so hard to buy.

Make His Life Easier with a Tool Belt

Another way to send a message that you know just how much he does for the family is to give him a symbolic (but useful!) gift like a tool belt. However, you don't want to give him just any old tool belt, so why not look for one available in an assortment of colours, or one that will give him plenty of space for carrying around extra accessories?

Do DADS Chores For Him

There is always work around the house that dad needs to do. There will be no question as to your motives when you make a 'coupon book' with vouchers he can swap for chores you're willing to do. One might be to clean the gutters and another might be a lawn mowing coupon.

A Day without Noise

Sure, you want to celebrate Father's Day with dad and of course he wants to spend time with you as he may have so little of it. But remember, dad works hard day in and day out, so why not give him a day without all the noise and confusion that are part and parcel of being a dad. Take the kids to the park for the day and let dad have the house to himself, or send dad to get a relaxing massage.

Whatever it is you do for dad on Father's Day, make it have meaning. Whether your gift is a homemade coupon book or a brand new watch, it has to count for something. If it is a symbolic message of your appreciation for having the best dad in the world, cost won't be a factor. He'll see that you know who he is, what he does and that he's appreciated - and in the end, that's the best gift you could ever give - the gift of appreciation for a job well done.

Kudos to all you great dads out there and may this be the best Father's Day ever for you and yours.

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