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Getting to Know You

Businesses that put customers at the centre of their marketing will be stronger and more profitable in 2023. However, today’s economic uncertainties mean that customers are careful about where they spend their money and expect you (the business owner) to provide a good customer/client experience.

‘An approach that relies on broad generalized demographic segments like “Millennial” and “Gen Z” is no longer working, and people increasingly want to be engaged and recognized as the unique individuals they are.’

~Forbes, Customer-Experience-Related Predictions For 2023

But do you truly know your customers? Or are you marketing using assumptions? This question brings us to surveys. Not the long, time-consuming ones we used to find in our in-boxes but five short questions busy people will answer.

Below are some questions to send out to your email list:

Question 2 should include the marketing formats you spent time and money on in 2022.

Question 3 will let you know whether your marketing is reaching your target demographic.

1) Where do you live?




Other - Please Specify

2) How did you hear about us?

Search engine (Google, Bing, etc.)





Other - Please Specify

3) What is your age group?






65 and over.

4) How would you rate your experience with us?

Very satisfied


Neither good nor bad


5) Do you have any thoughts or suggestions you would like us to consider?

At the end of the survey, don’t forget to thank people for participating. You can have a little gift draw if participants want to include their email address, but that is up to you.

There are a lot of questions that can be asked, but start with a few basic ones, and you will be surprised how the answers will help mould your 2023 decisions. Knowing your customer will increase your business and its success on many levels so future surveys can be more specific to your needs and industry

Here are some free online survey sites to get you started - Typeform, SurveyMonkey, SurveyPlanet, Jotform.

- Jill Crossland

Jill Crossland is a Business & Marketing Consultant with over twenty years of business experience. She is the owner of Jill Crossland Consulting & editor of Entrepreneurial-Life Magazine. From business strategizing to marketing plans and social media, Jill knows how to put the pieces in place for her clients. | 403 901 6147


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