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The rise of social media has transformed business as we once knew it. In the past, business owners were limited in how they interacted with customers, how they collected information about them, and how they marketed new products and services to them. Today, these strictures have been removed, permitting
business owners to gather information, learn, and respond much faster than ever before.

It has also transformed the business landscape in another way: by creating a rift between those who know how to navigate social media sites and services; and those who do not. Those who don’t know how to use social media services may find themselves on the defensive constantly—doing anything to retain
customers—even if they had a successful business model only years ago. On the other hand, those who feel comfortable with social media may now find themselves at a significant advantage.

Whether you’re currently using social media to promote your business or are thinking about doing so, it is important for you to understand how to do it correctly. No matter whether you’re inexperienced or a veteran social marketer, if you don’t have the right information, it can be easy to botch a marketing
campaign or simply run out of ideas.

Fortunately for you, this guide was designed for people in your exact position: those who know that social media is an important part of doing business today; and who want to learn how to use it correctly.
In the rest of this guide, I’m going to provide you with 77 stand-alone tips that you can use to integrate social media into your business, use it to market your products, use it to find new customers, and use it to manage existing customers and extract information from them.

Maximum Impact Social Media