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Why Your Child Should Be Practicing Martial Arts

If your child has expressed an interest in martial arts, you may be reluctant to sign them up out of fear they will become violent. But contrary to popular belief, martial arts won't turn your kid into a neighbourhood bully. In fact, many children who were violent before going into martial arts become non-violent as their practice progresses. In addition to nonviolence, your child will learn a plethora of other skills that can help them excel in school and life.


Although martial arts has a history of preparing men for war, these days things are different. Instead of fighting others, a child is required to fight against themselves in order to develop discipline and self control. The ability to restrain anger, frustration, or envy and channel the energy into a positive endeavor can help your child identify and manage their emotions. Martial arts can help make your child aware of their strengths and limitations, not only in the physical sense but also the emotional.


A key pillar of martial arts is respect. Students are taught to respect themselves, their instructors, and the other students. As a child learns to respect themselves, they are less likely to be a bully magnet or doormat. Children learn the importance of standing up for themselves without violent confrontation.

Physical Fitness

In this age of technology and convenience, many kids struggle to get the recommended amount of exercise. Martial arts has long been seen as a complete workout because every muscle in the body is used to execute difficult moves. Training also includes countless mobility and flexibility exercises, so you may even see your child's posture begin to improve. Cross training is often encouraged to improve stamina, speed, and dexterity.


Many parents who encourage their children to participate in martial arts report a boost of confidence in their kids. Although martial arts does not train your kid to become a fighting machine, a child will naturally feel more confident in their ability to handle bullies. Rest assured that any martial art practice has well defined rules, as well as a moral code that has evolved over the centuries. In addition, your child will learn to celebrate silently and to show mercy towards a defeated opponent, teaching them to be humble as well as confident.

Decision Making

Some people believe the winner of a martial arts match is the athlete with the hardest strike or best techniques. Usually though, the case is that the person did nothing more than make a series of right decisions throughout the match. Because strategy is tailored to the opponent in the middle of a match, your child will be taught to make fast yet educated decisions.

Listening Skills

Your child will learn to take instruction and feedback from the martial arts teacher. As their listening skills improve they will be learning valuable lessons to take with them for the rest of their lives. Active listening can help your child in school, in peer-to-peer interactions, and in problem solving.

The benefits of enrolling your child in martial arts are numerous but the most important thing to remember is that your little one will be learning valuable life skills. Try observing a few classes to see if martial arts might be something your child will enjoy.


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