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Why low calorie diets don't work!

You have probably read or heard many success stories about people who have done calorie restrictive diets and have lost huge amounts of weight. What we don't hear is how they are doing 1 month, 6 months, or 5 years down the road. I have yet to meet or hear of anyone who has kept the weight off. Typically, the dieters regain the weight they lost and then gained even more. This can be caused by several different reasons, each being different from person to person. Usually, the #1 reason why calorie restrictive diets don't work is because the dieter is hungry! When you’re hungry, your mood is affected, your decision making is hindered, and your hormones are even affected by hunger. Your energy levels are down; basically low calorie diets are not sustainable. Eventually, the dieter breaks down and binges.

When starting a low calorie diet, the dieter usually sees results on the scale right away. The drop on the scale is water weight, not fat loss. Then eventually this becomes a loss in lean mass. The body is built to survive, so it thinks there is a famine or drought. The body does what it does best – it adapts to survive, so it starts to burn lean mass (muscle) for fuel, while storing fat. Yes, the dieter gets smaller but they do not get leaner. Depending on the dieters choices they may actually increase their body fat.

Each person is different, holds and stores fat differently. Remember: there is not one solution for weight loss, and low calorie diets only work for short periods of time and can do more damage than good.

Submitted by: Anndees Fitness