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Why Advertise in the NN?

Yes, print advertising is expensive. We get it. That’s why we at the Newsy Neighbour put our money where our mouth is.

Did you know the Newsy Girls, Aleesha and Denise, own two other businesses?? Aleesha owns the Langdon Firehouse Bar and Grill and Denise owns Lil Hoots Consignment Boutique in Strathmore. Why? Because they believe in themselves and their knowledge of all things business, and they only advertise in the Newsy Neighbour to prove that advertising in the magazine works. And it does.

Just this week, a group of women walked into Lil Hoots and proclaimed, “We saw you in the Nosey Neighbour! We didn’t even know you existed!” First, it still makes us giggle how many people, after 12 years in business, still think we’re called the Nosey Neighbour, and secondly, how not everyone has social media.

You cannot rely solely on social media to better your business. It's just a fact: not everyone uses social media. Furthermore, not everybody follows you or knows how to do searches or knows how to find a website or knows to just Google ‘consignment stores in Strathmore’. People still enjoy reading an actual piece of paper. They still like going to their mailbox and finding a newspaper. They still enjoy tangible items. That's why People Magazine and the Strathmore Times – and the Newsy Neighbourr – are still in business.

Anyway, this little interaction with this group of women made us realize how integral the magazine is still. We do our best to go above and beyond what is expected of us every single month. Because we know that print advertising is expensive, we know that your decision to advertise comes with a lot of planning and saving. We know that there are options everywhere for you to choose to advertise your business and every day there is a new company requesting your hard-earned advertising dollars.

So, what do we do to set ourselves apart?

We support those who support us. Every chance we get.

Animal Care Center has advertised with us from the beginning. So, when our (many) pets need veterinary care, we only go to Animal Care Centre. When Denise and Aleesha needed Reiki to deal with some devastating experiences in their lives, they went to Enlightened Souls. When Denise was looking for new blinds for her home, she contacted Boutique Blinds. And when her parents needed new blinds for their window, she recommended them, and they provided the blinds for their home. When Denise's dog started exhibiting episodes of dementia, she got some oils from Endeavor More Living to help him lead a healthier life. Every Monday morning, Milestones Support comes in with their crew to help at Lil Hoots, putting clothes away and hang up clothes as volunteers and let me tell you, it is not only appreciated but really really appreciated LOL.

Both Denise and Aleesha purchased their vehicles from Strathmore Motor Products, and they've also recommended all of their family members to buy Chevy or GMC’s from Strathmore Motors because of their continual support the magazine. When Denise's dishwasher broke, she called Volks Tech to come and repair it. The Newsy Neighbour used Sur-Lock storage for 2 years for their magazine drop off. Denise recently purchased her new tires from Kal Tire. Aleesha got her tires changed at Langdon Auto. We are constantly going to Value Drug Mart for beauty products, gifts, and the friendly hugs from staff. And the best place for our facials and pedicures is at Lakeshore Spa – we only trust Jody with our toes! Denise goes to Stylz Salon for her haircuts, and Denise, and her children go to Valley Dental for their Dental and othodontic needs. Her kids’ first dentist experience was at Strathmore Dental with Dr. Terry. They loved him! Denise's husband and Aleesha go to Ranch Dental and Langdon Dental, respectively, because they offer weekend appointments and the knowledgeable dentists.

We are regulars at Women Talk, and both Denise and Aleesha are still trying to psych themselves up to get a Brazilian at Liv Beautiful, but Denise does get her massages at the Liv Beautiful spa by Hunter Massage. Denise uses Mulek Maintenance for her snow removal at Lil Hoots Consignment and, the Newsy Neighbour is part of all three chambers - the Chestermere Chamber, the Langdon Chamber, and the Strathmore Chamber and we support them in all things.

Did you know that when Leela Aheer was going around all the towns canvassing for the election, they had so many people say that they read her article monthly in the magazine? And when they needed a place for their February 8th event, we recommended the Cheadle Hall and the Indus Rec Center. They went with the Cheadle Hall and we are excited to be there for that event. And Martin Shields continually supports us and gives us an earnest handshake every time he sees us and is always at our big events like our previous awards and festivals.

There are so many other businesses listed in the magazine that we have not mentioned but when someone comments on social media asking for recommendations, we are always recommending our advertisers. When someone asks for a chiropractor, we recommend Langdon Chiropractic. When someone's looking for snow removal or tree removal, we recommend Professional Hole Diggers. When someone asks on social media for recommendations for insurance or for an accountant, we recommend the large variety of both businesses that we have like Coldwell Insurance, Cindy Chartrand, Transportation Taxation, and Wise and Company.

We support you because you support us. Advertise with us, and see what sets us apart.

~ Denise Geremia

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