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What is Women Talk?

WOMEN TALK events are evenings gathering where women present and share their inspiring stories, thoughts, ideas and experiences. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn and you’ll be entertained by amazing WOMEN TALKers!

The evenings are fast-paced with each presenter speaking for 20 minutes, TED TALK style.

We are ordinary women, sharing extraordinary stories!

Everyone's uniqueness is celebrated. It is a beautiful harmonious place where you can feel the unconditional love of the Divine Feminine.

Women Talk membership is more than a community it is your TRIBE...

Women who will have your back.

Women who share your experiences, laughter and tears.

Who will support your business.

Empower yourself and others.

Grow your network and community with deep connections.

A safe place to heal and overcome.

Have Fun!!

Women Talk is not:

Your typical networking group – we are a community

Overly focused on the business side – though we do a lot of that too.

Professional speakers only, many step up to the mic for the first time with us, and some have done Tedx Talks.

What to expect:

Amazing opportunities to learn public speaking, or to support other women that share their stories.

Share Your Story at many locations – Non-members can only speak at one location.

Participate in small monthly events or larger special events.

Get featured on our various marketing platforms, including a podcast, Weekly Facebook live, 13 live events monthly, and quarterly major events – with more being added all the time.

Free webinar trainings on a variety of business and marketing topics.

Business masterminds – free and paid.

Coaching Triads with other members – to focus on specific issues in your business or goals.

Build connections through games with improv and murder mystery nights.

Business promotion in our Facebook Groups.

Discounts on programs and events offered by Women Talk.

Discounts on programs and events from other Women Talk members.

Referral partner commissions for helping us to grow the tribe.

And so much more…

Join us once a month at our

Strathmore and Langdon Chapters!