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Wedding Plans Stressing You Out? Self-Massage Can Help!

Do you want to look and feel wonderful for your perfect day? That includes both the bride and groom!

You are running around getting the final touches ready for the big day, every detail is very important, but the most important detail should be you! Both the bride and groom need to look after themselves in order for it to be the perfect day. Here are some tips to reduce stress in the days ahead before your wedding day.

Being organized and having a plan is essential. Second, both the bride and groom should try having several massages with a Massage Practitioner. They can also help themselves with self-massage, thus relaxing and increase the closeness of their relationship. Self-massage can be fun, easy and an inexpensive way to help each other relax and is a great way to get to know one another on a whole new level. Giving one another a massage increases endorphins that will help the body stay in a relaxed state while you are planning and organizing for your big day. Massaging the feet, shoulders, neck and hands are great places to start. When one’s body is totally relaxed, even under pleasure, it can help promote a healthy immune system, thus making you and your partner look and feel your best. So why not give each other a massage to help relax for The Big Day?!

Learning self-massage with a partner can be the greatest gift you can give one another. All it takes is to learn some simple techniques that can be used on oneself or shared with someone you care for. Here are the five major techniques that should be learned first so self-massage can be safely done.

Effleurage (long strokes)

Kneading (lifting, squeezing, along with rolling)

Vibration (quick movement of skin)

Friction (pressure on skin)

Fanning (gentle, soft finishing stroke).

Once you have learned, practiced, and experienced these strokes, you can share, teach and pass on this life changing gift of touch, “Self-Massage!” So go ahead and share the gift of touch, for it will be a day you both will never forget and guess what? You can always give each other a massage to help reduce stress in your everyday lives together! To your happily ever after!

Author: Cynthia Barnesky


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