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Levels of Hearing Loss

Updated: May 12, 2020

Experiencing hearing loss can often cause patients stress and concern and it is prudent to get as much information as possible. We advise anyone suffering from the loss of hearing, however minor, to seek professional help as soon as possible. With the correct diagnosis and treatment, many people can proactively deal with their hearing loss with the use of hearing aids.

Hearing loss & deafness covers a wide range of hearing difficulties and a patient is often confused about the state of their condition. As a result, many people buy inappropriate aids to meet their individual needs, especially if purchased without a professional assessment.

Generally hearing loss can be categorised into 4 ‘’types’:’ Mild, Moderate, Severe and Profound.

Mild hearing loss

Patients with mild hearing loss have difficulty hearing sound between 20-39 decibels. This condition often leads to difficulty hearing a television & radio at normal levels as well as conducting conversations over distances. Ambient noise can also increase the effects of this hearing loss.

Moderate hearing loss

Patients with moderate hearing loss have difficulty hearing sound between 40-69 decibels. Moderate hearing loss would result in an increased level of symptoms as displayed with mild hearing loss.

Severe hearing loss

Patients with severe hearing loss have difficulty hearing sound between 70-89 decibels. Those suffering from severe hearing loss may only be able to communicate if the speaker is in close proximity with increased volume, without the interruption of ambient noise.

Profound hearing loss

Profound hearing loss/deafness means patients can not hear up to 90 decibels. This is the most severe form of hearing loss making speech inaudible with patients becoming reliant on visual communication.



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