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Get Back At It!

January is over and the honeymoon phase with fitness has worn off. Around 80% of people who set a fitness goal in January will have fallen off the wagon by February.

If you are one of the small percentage who is still at it, good for you! If you are one of the 80% that has fallen off the wagon, get back at it! It's never a bad idea to get fit, or start getting fit.

The best way to stay at it is to set goals. Something fun that will get you active. Spring is on the horizon, so think outdoors. Sign up for a 5 km race, or a walk for charity. By signing up for something fun, you're more likely going to make time for it, and involve friends and family, which are two key factors for staying motivated. Another important piece of the puzzle is not setting a goal too far in the future. When you set a goal for 6 months or longer, it's easy to lose sight of its importance. It's best to set a goal for no more than 12 weeks or three months away. This gives you enough time to train for an event but is a short enough time to still stay focused on the end result.

Once your 3 month goal is set, then break that down into smaller goals. If your 3 month goal is to run a 5km race, then your smaller goal could be to be able to run 1.5 km without stopping by the end of the first month. The second month's goal might be to run 4.5 km without stopping. Lastly, you might want to work on bettering your 5 km time the last couple weeks before the race.

Everyone's goals and how they set them are different. Everyone needs a goal to be successful. Make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time sensitive. This formula will result in the greatest amount of success!

Cheers to your health!

Submitted by: Anndee's Fitness