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Gardening Tips & Trick

Make biodegradable planters out of toilet paper rolls – just cut them in half and fold the bottoms.

Start a seedling in a lemon rind or in an eggshell – self-explanatory.

Don’t have a watering can that pours how you like? Make one out of a gallon jug! Use a large sized pin, heat with a lighter and press through lid making holes; the water comes out just like a little sprinkler.

Turn a jug into a shovel – cut one side of the container out, leaving the handle and a portion of the side; it makes a good sturdy little hand shovel.

You can plant more basil from your leftover store-bought cuttings; same with celery – for basil, just place cutting in a small glass of water and roots will grow. Place cut-off end of celery into container of water and roots will grow.

Make your own vertical herb garden out of a shoe rack – fill it with dirt instead of shoes, haha!!

And use leftover coffee grounds to enrich your soil and repel critters – just mix the grounds into your soil.

Keep soil from leaking out of your small indoor pots’ drainage holes – place coffee filters into pots before adding soil.

Use car wax to lube uncooperative tools like gardening shears – when they get rusty and sticky, just rub with car wax! Works like a dream.

Beer helps kill slugs – just mix a can with the soil, and it will keep those critters away!



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