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2023 Home Décor Trends

Breathe Fresh Life into Your Home with These Interior Design Ideas

There’s no time like that spent at home. As much as we enjoy going out, getting together with one another, and taking part in all the ongoing fun that our vibrant communities have to offer, there’s something special about coming back at the end of a long day, kicking off those shoes, and just really enjoying the comfort and familiarity of mi casa. That said, we pride ourselves in creating spaces within our homes that are relaxing, engaging, and trend-setting all at once, which is why we never pass on the opportunity to embrace the newest interior design trends and concepts that crop up from season to season. Swapping out embellishments and styling cues can go a long way towards transforming a space for little to no cost, which is why we’re always happy to dive in and share these fresh and exciting trends. So, join us today as we explore some of the coolest, hippest interior styles of spring 2018 – and feel free to give these a shot in your own home if you’re looking to switch things up a bit this season!


Geometric interior styling first entered the scene early last year and has shown no signs in slowing down since. While people initially embraced this angular motif through things like embellishments and flavour pieces around the home, 2018 sees this trend doubling down as it makes its way onto walls, floors, and bedspreads this spring.

The best examples of geometric design are often those which are most striking and bold, so don’t be afraid to go big with this style. The more angular and imposing the geometric is, the better. Obviously, this style doesn’t necessarily play nicely with all types of décor, so we’d caution you against filling your country-kitsch-styled living room with brassy cubes and polyhedrons – but if your home embraces some modern-leaning elements, geometrics just might be right for you.

Comfy, Cozy Textiles

Winter might be in the rear-view mirror (at least hypothetically), but that doesn’t mean people are ready to pack away their blankets, throws, and pillows quite yet! In fact, these accompaniments are 100% in-style this spring, so rather than tucking them away for the year, display them proudly!

Drape blankets and throws around your living spaces for a comfortable, inviting vibe, and think about adding an area rug or wall hanging to the mix. These details will take away any coldness or harshness a room might be struggling with and will instead make it as welcoming a space as any other in your home. Bonus points for mismatched throw pillows – especially if they have lots of fun tassels!


The outdoors is coming inside this spring, and we couldn’t be happier! Houseplants, terrariums, and hanging macramé planters are all the rage in 2018. Whether it’s due to the recent planting workshop craze, millennials looking to bring back the décor of their childhood homes, or recent studies that have shown how good it is for our health to be around greenery (even just simple houseplants!), this is one trend we’re ready to go all-in on.

There are two ways to approach this styling cue. The first is with plants themselves – and when it comes to quantity, you can never really have too many. Do you find yourself in a space that looks more like an atrium than your living room? Perfect; job well done! Stock your shelves with plants; hang them from the ceiling; have them spilling over the edge of every nook and filling every vacant corner.

Next, feel free to go even further with this trend by introducing colours that compliment your new leafy roommates. You don’t want to go with tones that exactly match the foliage you’ve brought into your home, but rather, pick shades and hues that compliment and build on what you’re already working with. Think olives, whites, and earthy browns. Then, kick back and enjoy a more naturally-appointed home!

Indulge Your Creativity

These are some of our favourite spring 2023 décor trends, but really, we’ve only managed to just scratch the surface here. There are plenty of other stylish movements and leanings out there in the world of interior design, so if you’re looking to switch things up, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how far you can take things.

Embrace the spirit of creativity and new beginnings this spring and breathe fresh life into some of your favourite spaces at home. Good luck, and happy decorating!


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